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Product Details

Release Date: 2021

Date first listed on Amazon: September 28, 2021

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Developed By: DieuNguyen

ASIN: B09H325C4B

Developer info

Product features

  • Memory test
  • Memory lượt thích a genius
  • Make you smarter
  • build a smart mind

Product description

Who Wants to tát Be a Millionaire is a simulation game based on the famous TV show Who Wants to tát Be a Millionaire of VTV3 Vietnam Television. trò chơi Who Wants To Be A Millionaire will give you special thrills through different questions in many areas of life.

Technical details

Size: 2.9MB

Version: 1.0

Developed By: DieuNguyen

Minimum Operating System: Android 7.0

Approximate Download Time: Less than vãn 30 seconds

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